It’s that moment when you set down the pages, shut off the screen, and sit quietly in┬áthe darkness that surrounds you. Without knowing it, time sped by; without realizing it, you had been gone for a while. And you close your eyes as the dusts settles, as though afraid of the moment when you’ll realize that the world bound in words was only a dream.

The End of a Book

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This battle of the mind and flesh will not be won with schedules, do’s and don’ts, or the wisdom of this world. It will be won by the work and changing power of the Gospel, the assurance of Truth, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

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“My purpose is to let my light shine and let others know it’s okay to do the same.”

~ A dear friend

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How much better will Later be if we don’t let Now stop us?

It’s in disobedience that we discover our greatest weaknesses.

It’s in willfully running from what is better that we learn how much harder the battle to come will be.

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Yesterday I had a big dream.

Today I see a big problem.

Tomorrow I’ll dwell on a big regret.

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