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Stuck Again

You had every intention to be productive. In fact, you went out of your way to avoid your room and head to a place where the chance for productivity would be much higher than only two feet away from your bed.

You open your computer, you make some calls, and then you come to a point where your brain is just… done.

You’re stuck.

You read pointless stories.

You check and recheck facebook.

You can feel your mind taking on the consistency of a ball of silly putty resting against your forehead.

Something inside you starts yelling at you, telling you to be productive.

And do what? you ask it. But you get no reply.

So you think about ways to be productive.

Only to find that you haven’t checked your facebook in the last ten minutes, and should probably check it again.

And your email too.

When you next look at the clock, it’s two hours past when you first sat down.

And you’ve gotten nothing done. Again.

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It’s really hard to be better

“Do better, be better” is a saying that has stuck in my entire family’s vocabulary. But IRL, it’s so much harder to make any positive change stick the same way. So many times I go forward to do something, and either that something slowly (or quickly) disappears, or I completely return to a previous version of myself. Two steps forwards, four steps backwards. It’s discouraging, and now it’s gotten to the point where I feel like I can’t ask God for help.¬† Continue reading

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