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Hooold your horses…

… ’cause things got real deep real quick. Not that I don’t like deep, it’s just not my style. Or wasn’t my style. I honestly don’t know much anymore.

I used to have pride in the fact that I knew myself pretty well. Not that it encouraged me to change what I didn’t like about myself or my character, but that I simply knew my faults and weaknesses right next to my strengths and talents. Once upon a time I knew myself. Continue reading

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Crossroads of the Future

Have you ever stopped and pondered on a decision? Even one as mundane as whether you would get up immediately with your alarm or hit the snooze? If you got up, would you go get breakfast immediately or take a shower? If you stayed in bed, would you hit the snooze yet again or finally haul your sore limbs up from under the warm covers? I used to think that way, once upon a time, and then a book my mother got for me, Blink of an Eye by Ted Dekker, brought up the thought process again. In fact, it brought up several thought processes, one of the most prominent being my future. Continue reading

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