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What Defines You~

I was blessed a couple days ago with a conversation with a friend, and he said something that just came back to me now, along with a lesson that I wish to share, some wisdom that I wish to keep with me:

It is what you do in your idle time that defines you.

Do you want to be strong? Gain strength.

Do you want to be smart? Gain knowledge.

Do you want to be creative? Gain imagination.

Do you want to be close to God? Gain His presence.

Do you want to be happy? Do what you love.

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It’s a Lonely World

One of my dearest friends, who I haven’t seen in over a year, came to visit me this weekend. I always smile when he comes to mind, with his sarcastic charm, genuine criticism of humanity and society in general, as well as his mind-blowing intelligence and witticisms, it’s common for me to laugh whenever he comes to mind. Or, fall into a deep state of thought, depending on which memory takes my attention. But I always had this idea of him that he was beyond me. His existence as a human being was always so separate, his thoughts so unpredictable, that I never really felt like I could really relate to him. That never hindered me from loving him as I do. But today, he told me his thoughts, and my heart swelled with emotion for him. Mostly because I knew I couldn’t do, or say, anything to make it better.  Continue reading

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Faith As Small As a Mustard Seed

It was the most beautiful show of faith that I had ever seen. Continue reading

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Taking a Step Back…

… and seeing what I left behind. It’s amazing to see the wisdom of my youth, and how much I had forgotten.

Let me start from the beginning. Continue reading

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The Story of Job

The book of Job tells the story of a bet between God and Satan. Satan bet that he could make Job curse God for the bad things happening to him, and God let it happen. In the end, Job does not curse God, despite losing his family, his wealth, and all social reputation. In return for his faithfulness, God blessed Job two-fold. It is a story often used to either to encourage us with, “hey, at least your life isn’t as bad as Job’s. And in the end, he is rewarded! So, chin up, buttercup!” or it is used to show how God uses all things to work out for His glory, and for our gain. At a Bible study with my friends a couple weeks back, we remembered this story and used it to show how much God trusts us. Even in the face of pure evil, God’s overwhelming love covers us, and trusts us to keep the faith – and this was even before Jesus! However, upon finishing yet another of Ted Dekker’s novels, Heaven’s Wager, I’ve begun to think about the story in a different way.

After all, what was so great about Job?

Continue reading

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Crossroads of the Future

Have you ever stopped and pondered on a decision? Even one as mundane as whether you would get up immediately with your alarm or hit the snooze? If you got up, would you go get breakfast immediately or take a shower? If you stayed in bed, would you hit the snooze yet again or finally haul your sore limbs up from under the warm covers? I used to think that way, once upon a time, and then a book my mother got for me, Blink of an Eye by Ted Dekker, brought up the thought process again. In fact, it brought up several thought processes, one of the most prominent being my future. Continue reading

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Working, being useful, is human nature. Psychological studies have shown that in cases where adults lose employment, they often get depressed not simply because of the weight of responsibility (especially in a familial situation), but also because of a certain loss of humanity. Continue reading

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