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Presence vs. Presents

… Do not seek Me primarily for what I can give you. Remember that I, the Giver, am infinitely greater than any gift I might impart to you. Though I delight in blessing My children, I am deeply grieved when My blessings become idols in their hearts. Anything can be an idol if it distracts you from Me as your First Love. When I am the ultimate Desire of our heart, you are safe from the danger of idolatry. As you wait in My Presence, enjoy the greatest gift of all: Christ in you, the hope of Glory!

-Romans 12:2; Revelation 2:4; Colossians 1:27 (Jesus Calling, March 27)

I know this is something that a lot of Christians struggle with, the idea of God as Himself, His presence, versus being a spiritual vending machine: put good works in, get blessings out.  Continue reading

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