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When the unthinkable happens: there’s a post for that

This post, that is. And I’d like to apologize in advance for any unfortunates who come across this post, as it was written right after the unveiling of a test score that I had been waiting for ever so religiously. The reason why I’m mad, dear unfortunate reader, is because I can’t possibly understand how, or why, this happened.

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Dear Susie:

– a message from a college student

One of the strangest things about study time is not the fact that its everything our all-girl’s high school prepared us for, but the fact that there are now guys joining the study circle. You may have been in situations where you used brain power with the opposite sex, but in my case, where the previous example never applied, it’s quite the interesting experience. It could be because of the deeper cadence of their voices that mingle strangely in the overall conversation that poses a new situation for me, or perhaps its because some of their… attributes are fairly distracting. Either way, I thought I should let you know: studying with boys is a strange thing.

Sincerely, l’amour de ta vie: the one and only – Elewa Soma
AKA – the extremely inexperienced girl when it comes to the y chromosone

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