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It’s that moment when you set down the pages, shut off the screen, and sit quietly in the darkness that surrounds you. Without knowing it, time sped by; without realizing it, you had been gone for a while. And you close your eyes as the dusts settles, as though afraid of the moment when you’ll realize that the world bound in words was only a dream.

The End of a Book

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– Verb:

  • compartmentalizing one’s life into boxes
  • removing every scrap of one’s presence from one place in the attempt to place it all in another place
  • realizing just how much (or how little) stuff you have
  • becoming a target for numerous moving company ads/flyers

– Have you started packing yet? They’re gonna kick us out of our dorm soon.
Synonyms: moving, stressing
– (infinitive): to pack

– Noun:

  • a necessary step in the act of moving
  • a continuously repetitive (and long) process
  • often leads to stress-inducing responsibilities such as storage and relocation

Packing is probably the one thing that makes me wish I didn’t go shopping
– Synonyms: a-walk-down-memory-lane, I-have-too much-stuff
– Associated with: moving; getting kicked out; moving on in life; wait, I finished sophomore year?

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