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What is Important?

Well, that depends: what remains standing when everything else falls apart?

It’s a question I have been asking myself, and asking God, since last Saturday – April 6th. This past Saturday was the third anniversary of my father’s death. And I had completely forgotten.  Continue reading

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A Slice of Humble Pie

“Rejection is a good thing – it reminds us we’re not perfect.” A friend of mine said that to me only hours before I received a rejection that I was convinced would never happen. When I remembered that, I smiled sadly: yet another lesson in humility where I thought pride wasn’t an issue.

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Goal #1: Dance

I LOVE TO DANCE! And I hope that by the end of the Christmas break, I will have a video of me dancing this choreography by one of my favorite dancers, Chachi Gonzales.

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Christmas in San Francisco…

“…there’s no place quite so dear. It’s the closest thing to Heaven! How I wish that you were here…” Sentimental, subtly appropriate, and unable to get out of my head as I flew into SFO. Home for the holidays. Finally.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I drove home. All these places that I knew were familiar seemed so new to me. I just realized that I never truly believed this day would come, when I would leave all my books and notes back at school and come home just to be someone’s child, someone’s sister, someone’s friend. Not someone’s student (albeit I’m trying to become someone’s employee… but that’s a different story). Still, with everything God has shown me over the past semester, I’ve made it a goal to not just sleep for the entire 2 weeks that I’m separated from my college campus. No, I want this to be a Christmas that defines me, one that I can look back to as the time when I truly began to find who I am in God. Continue reading

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Dance is Where I find Joy

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned dancing to be one of my passions. I’ve talking about writing and singing, but goodness, nothing beats moving to the music and feeling the rhythm in your bones and walking the tightrope of the melody in well measured steps. To me, it’s the superior art form, the place where I feel most at home, and the place where I can glorify God the most.

This was something that was shown to me last year, when I first started school. I hadn’t danced since the seventh grade, and I wasn’t planning on it going into college. I was going to play sports – that was my thing. But then suddenly all I could do was dance, and I fell in love with it all over again. But not just ballet this time, but across all different genres. I learned how to make my body speak, and now I can barely see myself doing anything else.

I mentioned this past weekend briefly, but suffice it to say that there was more there than met the eye (though I’m sure my narrative wasn’t as discreet as I was hoping). But yesterday was a hard day, mostly because he was no longer here with me. And then I found this.

It’s a choreography piece from Urban Dance Camp, the most wonderful place full of talent and fabulous dancers. I almost cried, and even now every time I watch it my heart begins to ache. It’s the combination of music and dance here that really connects with me.

Music is wonderful because at the most important times, it speaks the words that you cannot say yourself. It shows you that you’re not alone, that others can relate to you, that you’re not silly or weird for thinking or feeling a certain way. But then when you put that music to dance… it shows you that you can make something beautiful out of it, this horrible place that you’re in. A light can still shine through the darkness.

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Shakira – Loca (Spanish Version)

I remember when I used to post songs that I was obsessed with – I guess it’s because I haven’t been obsessed with a song for a very long time. But this one got me today, because it just makes me want to get up and dance! And some day, I’ll learn the lyrics

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Beyonce – Love On Top

Because it’s been way too long since I’ve shared one of these.

And because I so dearly want her voice.

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Song of the Day – 11/18/11

Feeling Good – Michael Buble

I see myself as a jazzy person, and if there’s one song I’d love to be able to sing (besides Mika’s “Pick Up Off the Floor”), it’d be this one.

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Things my dad used to say [1]

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” He’d always tell me that when I complained that I wanted everything and got nothing. Of course, back then it’d be about how I wanted to play and instead they made me study.

Funny how some lessons never go out of style.

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