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Childlike Faith

Forgive me for my unorganized thoughts, but something just occurred to me. My sister, while sitting on the couch, was bemoaning the fact that she had to get up to get herself food. “I wish I was a baby,” she said. “Life was better back then.”

I wonder, though. It could be argued that babies are the most courageous and patient people on this planet. They enter a world they do not know, they are completely dependent as they slowly learn how to live, how to speak, how to take care of themselves. They take life as it comes, learning slowly and taking into consideration what it means to survive in this world. And they do it with a monumental faith that would be ground-breaking on any adult.

Think about it – when was the last time it was enough for us to trust only one person? To have one love as great as a mother’s love be enough? When was the last time we hungered for what would last us, instead of what would harm us? And when was the last time we took the simple pleasures to heart? When was the last time that we had the pure assurance that everything was going to be okay? Or that something as small as a first step was enough to make us smile? All of these things God calls us to, all of these gifts God wants to give us, and we had them all when we were still being held close to our mother’s bosoms.

Could it then be said that we were closest to God right after we were born? Maybe even before we were born?

I don’t know. Just curious.

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