A Couple Questions for Myself

Why are you still so sad, Elewa? Don’t you know how wonderful this time is? How full of hope and potential this day is? Why must you carry the weight of yesterday, a weight that you’ve made heavier with your own judgments of yourself?

Why don’t you focus on what you can do, what you will do, what you want to do – why focus on what you haven’t done, what you can’t do, what you’ve failed to do? Why let yourself sit in this place where you can’t go anywhere? 

I’m happy that you’ve moved forward, inch by inch. You’ve seen your blessings, and you want to take care of them. You’ve seen your potential, and you want to achieve it. The desire for something is always the first step: don’t lose that, and don’t underestimate it. Keep dreaming.

But now you need to set your eyes on those dreams. Put them to the forefront of your vision, and focus on them. Don’t let whatever passes you by distract you – those aren’t your dreams. Don’t let your stumbles keep you from looking up – stand up again. Let yourself move forward again.

There’s so much to do – let’s go get it done.

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