Your Life Is Yours To Destroy Or Build

A lesson we all learn slowly through the school of hard knocks…

Thought Catalog

Unsplash / David Di VeroliUnsplash / David Di Veroli

The truthiest of all the truths is that you’re the only person who has to live with yourself. It’s all up to you to make yourself feel good and happy and fulfilled and all those gooey things we want out of life. It’s on you and you alone. There are people who will come into your life and stand beside you on this journey: your family, your friends, your loves, your random encounters, that girl from high school who still wants to keep in touch on Facebook. They can comfort you and love you and connect with you and annoy you and frustrate you and teach you all the ways you’re not showing up for yourself. They can do that and believe me, they will. But, they are not responsible for you. That’s the best and worst truth of life. That however your life ends…

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