The Reason Why I Can’t Get Rid of Facebook

We all know Facebook is a demon spawn come to earth to completely erase whatever productivity and focus we had left in a plot to take over the world by turning us all into people who are ADD-2-second-news-selfies-and-hashtags obsessed. I know that it takes away the time that I could be using for work, and instead puts it towards passive self-comparisons and bombardments from media and interest-based advertisements. I’m more than aware that it’s not really a way to keep up with my old friends, but rather a way to keep them at a distance under the excuse of “I know how they’re doing; I just read their status update.” However, I try not to think about whether or not just as many people use Facebook to stalk me as I use it to stalk them. Despite all the things I have done to try to reduce my Facebook time (without having to remove  app from my phone or tablet so that I can at least see the newest status from my friends or quickly post one of my own), I return to Facebook because it sometimes rewards you. The same way a cat digs through the trash in order to find whether or not someone threw away something delectable today, I go past the overly political status updates and pointless buzzfeed articles for the chance that maybe I’ll find something worth seeing. There are days where, while falling for two hours down the bottomless News Feed, you find a gem. Like this one.

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