God is… Faithful

I’ve always been a blogger, and this morning I decided to go back to that good ol’ tumblr I used to keep back when I was  junior in high school. What I found was something that made me wonder about how God answers prayers, and how it is important to remember what we bring before God so that we can witness His faithfulness. 


… is an interesting thing. For some, it is their pride that keeps them going. For others, it’s a matter of honor or maturity that they have pride in themselves. And then for another, it is pride that comes before a fall.

What is pride? To me, it’s leaning on your own understanding. Relying on nobody but yourself, and bringing yourself up to the point where others see that you made yourself.

At the same time, humility is also a characteristic looked for in people. Some say it makes you weak, others say it makes you strong. When you are humble you let go of what others may think of you or what you think of yourself, and instead you do what you know is right, whether it is asking someone for help or admitting that you were wrong. In order to be humble, you have to throw off your pride.

I’ve heard some say that humility is when you don’t get “puffed up” when people congratulate you or when you do well. And yet, some people do that and still hold onto their pride. I would say that that is more “modesty” than “humility.” But I’m going on a tangent.

The reason why pride entered my mind was because I was thinking about God. The Bible says that he uses difficult times to bring people closer to Him, but, for some reason, I thought that that was a coward’s way in. I thought that you had to choose for yourself, with no help from dire circumstances, to come before God. I didn’t realize until a few moments ago that that was Pride talking. In order to come before God, you must be humbled – letting go of your own understanding and leaning on the love, wisdom, and power of God.

This is why “pride comes before a fall” and “God rejects the proud.” It is not because God has an issue with pride (which he does), but because we have an issue with God when we are prideful; pride rejects God. God sent his Son to save us – pride does not allow us to admit we needed saving. We know we are not perfect, and yet we lean on ourselves in a world of uncertainty because we think we know ourselves. But it takes humility to lean on the One who is perfect in spite of our imperfections. And this is why “God gives grace to the humble.”

My goal is to allow bad circumstances to draw me closer to God, instead of thinking that I have to do things for myself. Jesus died and rose again so that we do not have to do everything ourselves, or anything at all. That is why God gave us the Promise – “Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you.” With this is my mind I am ready to face the day, for I know that “when I am weak, [He makes me] strong.”

Note: This was written March 3, 2010. Twelve days before my dad’s 50th birthday, and only a month and 3 days before my dad’s death. It’s odd, but I do believe that God readied and prepared me for the day that He would bring my father home. It’s very comforting to know that even then, He was looking out for me.

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