“Swearing is just a societal construct,” he told me.
“All it does is put words in categories.
Aligning diction with propriety
is just another mode of censoring
the forms I use in expressing
my thoughts.
Isn’t this what we’ve been taught?
That our freedom of speech cannot be bought
or cast aside because it’s ‘morally wrong.’
Besides,” he finished with a shrug.
“They’re just words. Why should I give a flying firetruck?” 
Just words. I hate that.
That not only are they misused
in ignorance, they are also construed
to be ignorant.
Words without meaning is just noise,
so if you’re trying to express yourself,
why swear when you can just oink?
Even though in your mind
their use has been justified
by undermining their significance
so you can say them with confidence
know this:
You wouldn’t use them if they had no power.
At the very least, don’t cheapen yourself
by saying you prefer to make sounds, no words, in conversation
to “express yourself.”
At the very least admit to me
That every word you say has meaning.
If they have meaning, then they have power,
The power to affect people, to bring them up or down,
the power to strengthen or weaken yourself.
So then why express yourself with words
That have meanings along the lines of sex and feces
which says nothing about how it or he or she made you feel?
Why are you making so much noise?

Now, before you say this is all just a pile of ships
And that all I am is a worthless beach
Who doesn’t know what the bells I’m saying,
let me tell you my theory.
My theory as to why people this it necessary
to throw in words that make conversations cheap,
then put the blame of push-back on society.
After all, there must be a reason
people reach for the over-processed diction,
that sad excuse for expression
on the middle shelf in aisle 1
instead of moving deeper to the Mart of the matter
to aisle 10 where on the top shelf
holds not just organic words with meaning,
but the fruits of understanding
both of yourself and your peers.
It is here that communication is healthy
and takes on a wonderful beauty.
So please,
let me tell you why I think people see freedom
as keeping themselves chained to aisle 1.

I don’t think it’s because they’re lazy.
After all, a lot of work is put into creativity
Of combinations and placement of these…words.
I don’t think it’s because they don’t care.
If they didn’t give a beaver dam I doubt they’d take the time
to efficiently construct an insult that robs their opponent
of both sexual dignity and parental legitimacy.
This method of making things dirty via association
is not a result of fear, neither is it truly rebellion.
For rebellion has an enemy,
but you fight nothing when removing meaning from your vocabulary.
But of course, if that was your original thought,
then I’m sorry but your’e doing it wrong.

From this truth stems my theory:
that “out of the heart, the mouth speaks.”
Thus: the mouth that spews nothings
is connected to a heart filled with nothings.
From holes in your understanding of someone else or your own identity
come words that display ignorance to what the problem truly is.
Don’t worry, I’m not here to claim to know the problem,
neither am I saying that only people who swear have them.
My theory is that swearing is a syntax
expressing not what you feel, but what you lack.
Don’t believe me? Try it.
Just for a day: remove it.
Get off your firetruck and say goodbye to your beaches,
Go to the other side of the beaver dam and let go of your ships
and maybe you’ll see, when you force yourself towards aisle 10,
what it truly means to speak with freedom.
For it begins with freeing yourself.

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