Hooold your horses…

… ’cause things got real deep real quick. Not that I don’t like deep, it’s just not my style. Or wasn’t my style. I honestly don’t know much anymore.

I used to have pride in the fact that I knew myself pretty well. Not that it encouraged me to change what I didn’t like about myself or my character, but that I simply knew my faults and weaknesses right next to my strengths and talents. Once upon a time I knew myself.

But recently, actually within the past few days, my perception of myself has been changing at a speed that is starting to mess with my head.

A popular story line for Christian novels aimed for young adults is the fantasy world – and a popular twist for the fantasy world is that the protagonist comes from our world and goes there, usually to save it. I wish I could go to one. Not to save a world or become a hero, necessarily, but to have a training ground, in a manner of speaking. There’s one book in particular that I remember reading, where the protagonist is quickly entered into a “training camp” upon his arrival. He learns many things in just training, and I wish there was something like that – surrounded by things of God so that my transformation can be complete, and THEN I can come back here. Use what I’ve learned for God’s glory and all that.

Separate myself from normal things… and all that.

Because you know, everything would be easier if I were anywhere but where I am now. Or so they say.

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