Creativity is Addicting…

…and I’ll tell you why – because there are no rules.

I can make anything, dream everything, make time move quickly and suddenly come to a halt. I watch lives change, end, and start again. I make friends, kill my enemies, kill my friends and make more enemies. I travel to worlds unheard of, and places I’ve never been. I can fly, I can love, I can experience a tragedy and still come back to reality no more the worse for where.

Or do I truly come back unscathed?

There’s a competition I’ve participated in for the past five years, called NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. It is more a competition against yourself than anything else, to write a grand total of 50,000 words in a month, the minimum length for a book to be regarded as a novel. And because of my goal to complete a novel (which I have attempted more times than I can count and have not yet achieved), I feel like this gives me a better chance than ever to do something I’ve never had the strength to do on my own.

Yet I feel like I’ve forgotten something… oh yeah, I’m in college now.

A big part of NaNoWriMo has always been the roleplaying forums, where I make new characters and collaboratively write several stories at once with several people. It’s so much fun – my brain goes crazy as I think up new scenes, new characters, new lives. Yet when it’s time to go back and study for that final I have tomorrow, my brain is too fuzzy. I can’t focus. So it’s back to the forums for me.

It’s the same when I get into a really good book. If I’m walking side by side, listening to the characters’ conversations, if I’m in the crowd yelling down at the gladiators in the arena, or watching the opera with awe, coming back to reality leaves my head in a daze and I honestly cannot remember why I had to come back.

I guess what I’m trying to ask is… is it worth it?

Lesson # 6 – the mind is a sponge. soak it with water, and no air can get in.

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