When the goin’ gets tough…

… the first thought that came to my mind was, “How can I get out of this?”

Of course, it’s impossible to get out of a college essay assignment, especially if said assignment has been assigned for the past three weeks. The only notable thing about this situation is that it is the longest essay I’ve ever had to write up to this point, a whole six pages, and while I’ve been able to BS a couple essays back in the day, I’m not sure just how able I am to fill up a whole six pages with ideas about nothing pulled out from my…
So now I’m sitting here, wondering what on earth I can write by tomorrow in order to make a meeting with someone who will then diss what little of my essay I have prepared so that I can make it better to turn in on Friday. I guess it could be worse. Oh but wait, it is.
I have a calculus test, a chemistry quiz, and a physics problem set due tomorrow, all of which I should be working on right now.
Oh no, now I sound like those whiny college kids who complain about the hole they’ve dug themselves in.
I guess the only reason why I decided to blog about this was how startled I was when I discovered that there is really no way out. I don’t know how I used to get out of writing assignments, but when it got this late, there used to be ways to make up excuses, bring in the dog who at my homework, something. But this time, I got nothin’.
So what’s the lesson learned?

This ain’t high school no mo’.

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One thought on “When the goin’ gets tough…

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